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Saskia Bueno

Is a Graphic Designer and Lettering Artist based in Barranquilla - Colombia

She discovered her passion for letters almost 4 years ago and has been creating beautiful designs ever since. 

She has a strong sense of color and loves to work with bright and striking color palettes, and since she mostly takes inspiration from nature, she always tries to include elements like plants, flowers and animals into her letterings.

Profile Pic_SaskiaB.jpg

Selected Clients

Disney Hyperion

Revista Dinero

Legami Milano

Nine By Nine

Fine Acts

Simon & Schuster

Kara Beauty

White Light Media - TotalEnergies

Brio Magazine

Latest Exhibitions


Typing Feminism - Female Lettering Worldwide

Málaga - España


Salón Visual Bacánika 2019

Bogotá - Colombia

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